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The Torrent is Colton's Best Saltwater Fly Reel Series!

Torrent Series Fly Reels

Are you a fisherman who loves the challenge of catching tuna, sharks and and billfish? Then you are going to love Colton Fly Company's Torrent Series fly-fishing reels! After nearly three years of design work and field testing we are certain we have produced the best saltwater fly-fishing reel on the market today, and it's available for a fraction of the price of other manufacturers' similar products! The Torrent Series of fly-fishing reels was designed to fight the toughest fish in the ocean. Offering 12 lbs of drag right out of the box the Torrent can be modified to exceed 18 lbs of drag for fishermen seeking more power in their fly-fishing reels. With more than three times the power of similar, more expensive fly-fishing reels, the Torrent Series rivals any similar product on the market and is more affordable, too!

Fly Rods

Fly Rods

Colton's Best Saltwater Fly Rods!

Tradewinds XS Series Fly Rods

It's been ten years since we manufactured our very first fly-fishing rod and we have learned much more about what our customers want in the process. For one thing, we have learned that many fly anglers place far too much importance on super fast fly-fishing rods, so much so that they've forgotten about the very "soul" of a fly-fishing rod Many fishermen have taken to over-lining their fly rods, which, in actuality, only slows down the action in those super fast rods! A fisherman need not sacrifice speed for soul anymore because you can have both with our new XS (Xtra Soul) series of fly-fishing rods!